Fibrations 2018

August 19th, 1330 Fairfield Road

Here are the Raffle Winners from Fibrations 2018:

Name Ticket Number/Colour
Yvonne R 672006/green
Jean S 087864/red
Penny 087940/red
Alice C 672104/green
Bronwyn 760187/green
Brenda C 087816/red
Lisa B 741461/green
Shannon 672025/green
Georgia T 671151/green
Whitney A 944787/blue
Albert 1429488/white
phone # ending in -4282 671212/green
Alice C 672100/green
Melissa K 760043/green
Wilson 744150/green
Denny 741231/green
Kathy G 741466/green
E Fraser 087871/red
Diane 760165/green
Eloise 760207/green
Margo 087795/red
Miles O 671046/green
Lillian K 671015/green
Jacquie C 084990/red
L Dodsworth 087834/red
Wendy 672017/green
Mary S 672049/green
Robyn C 941859/blue
Melanie C 672061/green
Margo 087802/red
Arika 760058/green
Deb N 087930/red
Anita S 941863/blue
Joanne V 941735/blue
C Mick 671116/green
Lynn W 672083/green
Amy R 941905/blue
Shona M 760270/green
Laura M (?) 087903/red
Connie H 671132/green
Kait E 087936/red
Lynn H 743980/green
Stef P 087990/red
Sheri E 671206/green
Moira M 741774/blue
D Lanigan 741393/green
Rhonda Ganz 941969/blue
Emily G 672094/green
Pat 087779/red
Sheila R 941841/blue
Deb N 087931/red
Rita T 741432/green
Sharon S 941998/blue
Sharon S 941996/blue
Gillian N 1429541/white
Suzanne 084976/red
Lisa C 743967/green
Spencer 741331/green
Dela W 760239/green
CONGRATULATIONS!! Thank you for supporting your local Fibre Fair!



Where: The Fairfield Gonzales Community Place, 1330 Fairfield Road, Victoria, BC, Canada  MAP

When: Sunday, August 19th, 2018, 10-4

Brought your local fibre arts community, Fibrations is a community-based celebration of fibre.  Held in the picturesque Porter Park, the day will feature a huge (up to 60!) collection of vendors sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm through demonstrations and hands-on-activities

We look forward to seeing you on August 19th, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Call for Volunteers!

Call to the community of fibre artists and lovers of fibre arts, community based events and shopping local! We would love to meet your beautiful energy on the day of Fibrations. Every year has been a success because of all of you! Please consider donating a few hours joining us again this year for Fibrations! Contact us at fibrationsvic@gmail.com

Confirmed Vendors for 2018